Lifting heavy materials manually is difficult as well as has many risks involved that can affect the organization critically. Lifting materials are used for various purposes and can be utilized as well as required at any place where you need to move and lift heavy materials from one place to another. 

Lifting materials can be useful at warehouses, construction sites, production units, distribution and disposal sites, retail shop floors, and in most market sectors. 

Whenever heavy goods and loads are being transported around with the help of manual or automated mechanical equipment, you need a lifting material. Indusroof is a leading organization, serving several industries and markets as a lifting material supplier

The relocation of heavy loads can be done safely and quickly with industrial lifting devices. These devices allow the vertical lifting of loads to be done with ease as compared to manual lifting. The provision of lifting equipment and materials to handle materials efficiently and with minimum physical effort must be one of the most important considerations in the industry today.

Advantages And Benefits Of Lifting Materials

  • Increasing Productivity
  • Time Saver
  • Reduces Risk Of Injury
  • Safeguards Product From Getting Damaged
  • Streamline The Relocation Of Materials With Ease
  • Keeps The Employees Safe 

Different Types Of Lifting Materials

Different industries and materials require different lifting materials to handle the lifting. There are different types of lifting materials available in the market that are designed and manufactured for specific materials and industries only.

Choosing the right lifting material that is perfect for the materials you want to lift is essential. As many lifting materials are available online, it is necessary to select lifting materials that are durable and work efficiently.

Different types of lifting materials available are,

Risks Of Manual Lifting

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), like low back pain, can be caused due to manual lifting tasks with heavily weighted materials. There are other medicinal risks involved with manual lifting in addition to MSDs, it can lead to accidents causing accurate trauma such as cuts or fractures.

The risk factors that may increase the occurrence of injury due to manual lifting are related to the different characteristics of the load, the task, and organization of the work, the work environment, and the worker.

Too heavy lifting material -

There is no exact weight limit that is safe but there are certain standards decided by certain organizations. To shift the heavy loads lifting materials are the best options.

Too large -

It won’t be easy to follow the basic rules of lifting and carrying if the load is large. The material will not be able to keep as close to the body as possible due to its largeness- the muscles will get tired more rapidly. 

Moreover, the lifter may face difficulty having a clear view due to shape or size, thus increasing the risk of slipping, tripping, or falling.

Unbalanced or unstable objects: 

It may be difficult to hold the center of gravity of the load close to the middle of the body leading to uneven loading of muscles and fatigue. 

Uneven distribution and sudden movements of the load can happen off the loads containing liquid making the worker lose their balance and fall

Difficult to grasp: 

Lifting materials can help grasp heavy materials conveniently that may result in the object slipping and causing an accident. It is even difficult to handle the objects with manual lifting having sharp edges that can injure workers.

Make Plan Before Lifting

For any task to get it to get it done successfully you need to have a plan or roadmap, so does the lifting of the objects.

The workers should plan and prepare for the task before performing a lifting operation. They need to be physically and mentally prepared about the task they are going to perform. They should make sure that the area is clear of obstacles where they are relocating the object. If they are lifting with someone else, they should know how to use the lifting material. 

Lifting material suppliers are providing different lifting materials designed to handle different types of materials. You can order lifting materials online, from Indusroof, having a wide range of lifting materials. We provide standard lifting materials having high durability and easy to use and handle. The products are manufactured keeping the requirements of the various industries and ensuring the safety of the user.