A non-return valve (NRV Valve) is designed to allow the flow of material either liquid or gaseous in one direction only. The NRV valves help in preventing the material from flowing back upstream of the valve.

The Non-return valves are used to ensure the right direction of the flows of the medium through a pipe, as pressure conditions may otherwise cause reversed flow.

While designing the system where the non-return valve is getting installed one must take the large pressure drop into account for better performance.

The NRV valves are also known as a check valve, clack valve, one-way valve, or retention valve.

There are different types of non-return valves (NRV valves) available in the market, one needs to select it as per the purpose of using it and the place of installation.

The types of NRV valves include,

All the above-listed non-return valve types are available in different sizes and dimensions to meet different purposes and installations. The price of non-return valves (NRV valves) varies depending upon the dimension as well as the material or metal used for it.

Mechanism Of Non-Return Valve

You might be thinking that how this non-return valve (NRV) works? The working process of this valve depends upon the openings and pressure of the material flowing through it.

There are two openings in a non-return valve with a closing member situated between them, one opening is for fluid to enter and the other for fluid to leave.

The pressure made by the fluid after entering the valve holds the closing mechanism open. If the fluid attempts to flow back through the valve in the wrong direction, the closing member is forced back over the entrance of the valve preventing any flow.

NRV valves work automatically, getting controlled by the flow of media itself.

Applications and Uses Of Non-Return Valve

The usage and applications of NRV valves range from domestic to industrial. The places and setups where this valve can be used are listed below.

  • Pumping System
  • Steam Boilers
  • Metering Pumps
  • Laboratories
  • Power Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Fuel Systems
  • Pipeline Systems
  • Water Control Systems
  • Fuel Injection Systems
  • Nuclear Industry
  • Home Heating Systems
  • Sprinkler Systems

The non-return can also be used to prevent contaminated, used water from re-entering a domestic water supply.

What Are The Advantages Of Installing Non-Return Valves?

Advantages of installing non-return valves are listed below,

  • Operates Automatically 
  • Available In Wide Range of Sizes
  • Compact
  • Protects Pump and Compressor Equipment 
  • Prevents Back Flow 
  • Helps In Preventing Water Hammering 
  • Saves Energy 
  • Reduces Sudden Valve Failure 
  • Low Maintenance Cost

Price Of NRV Valve

The non-return valve price varies from size to size and material to material. As we discussed above in this article NRV valve types include non-return valves made from cast iron, forged carbon steel, forged alloy steel, forged stainless steel, and PVC non-return valves.

The price list of NRV valves can be categorized as per the size and material used to manufacture them.

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