Industrial setups are complex that work on different mechanisms with the assorted installation of machines and equipment. For any manufacturing setup, the quality and functionality of any type of equipment or machine are crucial. As any kind of irregularity in the mechanism can invite a life-endangering accident. In this article, we are going to put a light on the widely used Industrial gate valve. 

What Is A Gate Valve?

A gate valve is a type of valve that stops the flow of fluid with the help of a barrier gate working amid the path of the flow of the fluid. Gate valve is also known as sluice valve.

It is the most commonly used type of valve for any fluidic supply system.

The reason behind coining the term Gate Valve or Sluice Gate Valve is credited to the closure element sliding into the flow stream to provide shutoff and therefore, acting as a gate. 

Why Are Gate Valves Used?

Sluice valves are predominantly used to regulate or shut the fluidic flow and that can be for many purposes. As many factory setups need the supply of certain fluidic substances either for some time only or to a limited extent, at such places sluice gate valves are installed to get desired results. 

During maintenance, repair works, new installations, as well as to reroute fluidic flow throughout the pipeline, gate valves are installed to isolate specific areas of the supply networking.

Parts Of Gate Valves

A standard industrial gate valve consists of the following parts, 

  • Wedge
  • Seating Area
  • Spindle
  • Spindle Bearing 
  • Packing 
  • Bonnet
  • Ductile Iron Valve Body

Different Types Of Gate Valves

Though sluice gate valves can be categorized in general based on their construction, we are listing the types of industrial gate valves based on the metals and construction both. 

All the above-listed gate valve types are available in different dimensions and sizes, following the demand for different sized gate valves in the market. Indusroof being the leading gate valve manufacturer understands the market need and to cater to the requirement we are offering a different type of sluice valve with different dimensions and sizes. 

Where Gate Valve Is Used? 

Gate valves (Sluice Valve) are used in piping systems as an isolating valve, designed for fully open or fully closed service. It is a multi-turn valve that means the operation of the valve is done employing a threaded stem. Industrial gate valves are commonly used when minimum pressure loss and a free bore are needed. 

When the gate valve is fully open, there is an absence of obstruction in the flow path for the gate valve, which results in a very low-pressure loss, thus making it possible to use a pipe-cleaning pig. 

Indusroof’s gate valve (Sluice valve), is a high-quality product suitable for any type of industrial setup, with high endurance and powerful performance capacity. The industrial gate valve is best suitable for, 

  • Refineries 
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Gas Processing Plants

It is suitable for most fluids along with steam, water, oil, and gas control. 

Indusroof is a leading gate valve manufacturer in India, catering to all spheres of the market with its high-quality products assuring the highest quality product with powerful performance to get the desired results and outcome.