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Gate Valve Manufacturers In India

With little space required along the pipe axis, Gate Valve is widely used in many industrial and real estate facilities for different purposes. Gate valve is also known as sluice valve. Indusroof offers different types of gate valves manufactured with different materials and dimensions to cater to all sorts of industry needs. We assure you to deliver high-quality products with high durability and flawless functionality.

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Assured Quality, Powerful Performance

Indusroof is a trusted name when it comes to quality industrial supplies, our legacy and our client base speaks it all. As a leading marketplace for manufacturers of different types of sluice valves, we understand the needs of the industry in a much better way. We offer you different types of gate valves from different manufactueres that meet your requirements with their different functionality and utility. Our products have gained popularity and dominance in the market with their powerful and enduring performance capacity.

Gate Valves are the most widely used valves to regulate the open and close flow of Water, Oil, Gas, and Petrochemicals. Their suitability to Ground and Underground uses makes them a “Go-To” choice for any Open or Close function at larger plants or small units. Selecting the correct type of valve will help you save from high replacement costs and repairs. Gate Valve requires very little space on the pipe axis and does not restrict the flow when fully opened. There is an insignificant pressure drop observed and enables straightway flow. Gate valves are majorly used with broader pipes starting from 2” to the broadest of pipes. 


We will quickly introduce you to the types of gate valves that we offer. As most of us know there are various types of Gate Valves available in the market, we at Indusroof strive to cater to our clients with wider choices and exact gate valves that comply with their specific requirements. Our range of Gate Vales includes types of Parallel Gate Valve, Wedge Gate Valve, Knife Gate Valve, Split wedge gate valve, Flexible Wedge Gate Valve, Rising Stem, Non-rising stem, Metal Seated, and Resilient Gate Valves. Each of the mentioned valves is for varied purposes based on the client-specific requirements. There may be countless Gate valve manufacturers and Gate valve suppliers in the market today, but Indusroof promise to serve our clients with premium quality products for their hassle-free operations. 


Gate Valve Uses

Gate valves are the most used valves in the process piping requirements. They are in use for decades for various fluids such as Steam, Water, Oil, Gas, and Air. Gate Valves are the most used valves of all the valves in petrochemicals, refineries, and gas processing plants where pressure remains relatively low, but the temperature may be high. They are designed for fully open or fully closed service. It is advised not to use them for flow control or regulating valves for enhanced functioning. 


Gate Valve with By-Pass

Friction can become a hindrance in the proper functioning of the Gate valve at high pressures. The seating load of the larger gate valves can become high at high pressures making it difficult to raise the disc at closed positions. To combat these issues, such gate valves are provided with a valved by-pass line. This helps in relieving the seating load before opening. These Gate valves should be selected for easy functioning at high-pressure valve requirements. Gate Valve manufacturers design valves keeping in view the end use of such valves and thus, valves are made to suit usages. 


Advantages of Gate Valves

  • Cost-Effective than other valves of the same size and quality.
  • Pressure drop during operation is less
  • Comply with high pressure and temperature application
  • Easy to maintain and comparatively low maintenance costs
  • Gas valve provide good On/Off or Shut-Off features
  • They are Bi-directional and valves and can Shut-Off in either flow direction
  • Tried and Tested option in-operation for decades

Gate Valve / Sluice Valve  Pricelist in India

Product Name MRP Discount on MRP Net Selling Price in INR
Aqua Cast Iron Sluice Valve (Gate Valve) VL1CIGTVAQ025001 4090 30% 2863
Kartar Ductile Iron Gate Valve K509 50mm (2 inch) 4945 38% 3066
Leader Ductile Iron Sluice Valve (Gate Valve) DI 043 50mm (2 inch) 12490 41% 7369
Zoloto Cast Steel Gate Valve 1077 125mm (5 inch) 32949 40% 19769