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Kartar Globe Valve at Best Price In India

Indusroof is one the renowned platform for buying Kartar Globe Valves. We offer genuine quality at most competetive prices in India. Please contact us for more information.

Enduring and Durable Industrial Globe Valve With Powerful Performance

Your quest for the best quality industrial globe valve ends here at Indusroof. We are catering to assorted industries with our exquisite products. We as globe valve manufacturers emphasizes on the quality, durability, and performance of our products. Our team aims to provide the best in industry products and services to build an enduring legacy of excellence and perfection. We are providing different types of globe valves manufactured with different materials and with assorted dimensions to cater to all sorts of requirements and industries.

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Wide Range of Products to Choose from

Indusroof brings to you a wide range of Globe valves options in the market. You can now buy Globe valves hassle-free after understanding specifications and details from your convenient location. Forget waiting for the seller’s description, get exact details of the product within seconds at your convenient time and place. Indusroof presents to you the best globe valve suppliers at the most competent prices. 

Things to Know About Globe Valves

Globe Valves are the most common types of valves generally used in different settings. The purpose of selecting a Globe valve over other types of valves is its ability to gain control over the flow. A few types of valves are used only for open and close functions that do not facilitate flow control. But with Globe Valves the function of flow control can be gained easily. As we talk about Globe valves, we have to understand three primary features that are an integral part of any Globe valve:


  • Function of stop or throttle fluid flow
  • Lateral movement meaning they allow up and down movement open and close for stem
  • Significant head loss or pressure loss 


Head loss or pressure loss in common terms is one factor that is an integral part of Globe valves functioning. Any globe valve type or sub-type ensures a certain degree of head loss. Globe Valve Manufacturer provides these details with every sale to a client based on the type selected. These head loss values can differ on the different types of Globe valves chosen.


Types of Globe Valves 

Majorly there are 3 types of Valves available in the market. The difference is based on the utility of each of them. They are selected based on the specific client’s requirements. Let’s Understand each of them and their uses:

Standard Pattern

Standard Pattern Globe valves are the most commonly used valves they are also known as T-Pattern or Z-pattern globe valves. These valves are best suitable where pressure drop is not a major concern and only throttling function needs to be addressed. 


Angle Pattern

The Angle Pattern Globe valves are slightly different from basic pattern globe valves with changes to its body. The ends of this Globe valve are at an angle of 90 degrees, and fluid flow occurs with a single 90 degrees turn. Ideal for periods of pulsating flow because of their capability to handle the slugging effect of this type of flow. 

Oblique Pattern

These are different types of globe valves that offer an alternative to high-pressure drop. Oblique Pattern valves reduce the flow resistance of the globe valve to a minimum. Thus, these valves are ideally used for throttling during seasonal or startup operations.


Quality Globe Valves Suppliers

At Indusroof we understand the importance of good quality for each of your Industrial products. The Globe Valves presented on Indusroof are the most reliable in the market based on client reviews. You can thus select any brand and make and rest assured you will get the best Industrial supplement. 

Globe Valves at Best Price

Indusroof tries to offer globe valves at the best price in the market without the requirement of clients having to compromise with quality. You can expect our Globe valve price in the following ranges with minimal variations as per updated prices. 

Glob Valve Pricelist in India

Product Name MRP Discount on MRP Net Selling Price in INR
Leader Bronze / Gun Metal Globe Valve IS 013 8mm (1/4 inch) 689 41% 407
RMW Bronze / Gun Metal Globe Valve VL1BZGLVRM015001 750 26% 555
Zoloto Cast Iron Globe Valve 1065 15mm (½ inch) 2202 40% 1321
Aqua Cast Steel Globe Valve VLCCSGLVAQ025001 3807 30% 2665
L&T Cast Steel Globe Valve 413-8/IBR (LR1F-8) 50mm (2 inch) 31731 40% 19039


Leading Globe Valve Manufacturer In India

Indusroof holds the honor of being the leading Industrial Valve Manufacturer in India. With utmost precision and technologically advanced factory setup, we always tried to stay ahead of the curve and deliver world-class products to our clients and customers. Every component and part of the products is precisely checked by our team, to deliver the best quality globe valve.