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Best Non-Return Valves For Multipurpose

Our team of professionals and experts have always aimed for serving the Industry with the best performing Non-Return Valve (NRV Valve). We provide different types and sizes of non-return valve that ranges from cast iron to forged carbon steel to PVC NRV valves. With a 1000+ client base for our wide product range, we are offering durable and powerful performing non-return valves ideal for all sorts of uses. We manufacture an assorted range of NRV valves with different materials and dimensions to meet all types of requirements.

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Non-Return Valves or NRV’s are an important part of any unit that requires good flow control. Indusroof brings to you a wide range of non-return valves of the best quality. Indusroof emphasizes quality and believes in zero compromises with the quality of products. Thus, the wide range of industrial supplies on Indusroof carries an assurance of quality. On Indusroof you can find the best brands at competitive prices with all its product range.  

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Quality and Performance Is Our Priority

In terms of finishing, mechanism, and performance our non-return valves undergo meticulous scrutiny to assure performance and quality. Right from the raw materials to the final product we ensure it meets the standard requirements for high-quality products. Our products are used and have been installed by 1000+ clients and their reviews praising the performance and durability of our products motivate us to continuously improve our product quality and keep the trust of our clients in our product and service intact.

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Functioning of Non-Return Valve or NRV

Non-Return Valves or NRV’s allow the flow of fluids in a single direction and non-backward. These valves function automatically and there is no need for control, thus most of the valves are without the stem. These valves provide strong single directional flow control. They are crucial for certain functions where the backward flow of fluid would create functioning problems. 


Advantages of NRV’s 

It is believed that NRV’s are the best choice for water, pumping solutions, and wastewater applications. They are not very costly and do not require lengthy maintenances. Generally, they are small and simple to work with. A non-return valve can become crucial in saving a function from breakdown. They also reduce downtime caused by the backward flow of fluids. Preventing water hammers is another important feature of non-return valves. They also increase energy savings thanks to low-pressure drops. The possibility of sudden valve failure is also reduced to a great extent with NRV. 


Best Deals on Non-return Valve on Indusroof

Indusroof brings to its customers the best brands of a non-return valve in India. One can compare various brands and ranges for non-return valve prices. We surely provide non-return valves at best price in India. Induskart also offers great discounts on best-selling products at regular intervals. You can always check our Best-selling section updated below for discounts. It is an endeavor of Induskart that we want to serve our customers with the best service, price, and options all at one click. 

Non-Return Valve Pricelist in India

Product Name MRP Discount on MRP Net Selling Price in INR
Zoloto Cast Iron Non-Return Valve 1083 80mm (3 Inch) 7065 40% 4239
Zoloto Cast Iron Non-Return Valve 1083A 80mm (3 Inch) 7278 40% 4367
SANT Cast Iron Reflux Valve CR 31 80mm (3 Inch) 5382 30% 3767
Kartar Cast Iron Reflux Valve K514 65mm (2½ Inch) 4050 38% 2511