Most Popular Industrial Equipment And Products List

For the smooth functioning and operations of any sort of Industries, the supply of Industrial goods and equipment is significant. 

Understanding the need for the timely and flawless supplies of Industrial goods and equipment in Industries of all sizes Indusroof has started rendering its service 15 years. With an experience of more than one and a half decades and 1000+ clients, Indusroof’s legacy is getting glorified with the ethics and professionalism it has cultivated in its business operations. 

Industrial equipment suppliers are undergoing many reformations following the Covid-19 pandemic and the growing eCommerce mode of business. The digitization has made industrial machinery suppliers get their online stores to make facilitate the clients and industries to place their orders online. 

Though Industries have got advanced in terms of technology and machinery, the Industrial goods and supplies mode remains conventional in terms of its demands. 

We are committed to providing you with standard Industrial goods as a supplier but we also provide and accept non-standard requirements of Industrial equipment. As an industrial equipment supplier, we are catering all spheres of Industries with our high-quality Industrial goods.

The list of Industrial goods and supplies catered by us includes a wide range of products. The product list we offer our valuable clients are,

  • Valve

  • Fasteners & Anchors

  • Pipe Fitting

  • Pipe & Tubes

  • Flanges

  • Hand Tools

  • Power Tools

  • Safety Products

  • Pressure Gauges

  • Welding Items

  • Gasket

  • Insulation and Coatings

  • Actuator

  • Lifting Materials

All these above listed are the products that are essential for the smooth operations of Industry machinery. They are crucial for the industry for flawless production of the goods and items as well as to safeguard the life and health of the man-force working there. It helps avoid any hazardous accident due to any kind of leakage or defect in the machinery. 


Here we are listing some most popular industrial equipment and products to make you understand the Industry business trends.

  • Flanges

  • Power Tools

  • Valve


After welding flanges are the second most joining method used by Industries. Flanges offer a dependable method to connect with the various equipment, valves, and other components. 

By installing flanges in the system with components you can add flexibility while maintaining piping systems allowing for easier disassembly and improved access to the system components. 

There are many types of flanges available in the market but the type you need depends on your requirement for your processing system. 

  • Welding Neck Flange

  • Threaded (Screwed) Flange

  • Slip On Flange

  • Lap Joint Flange

  • Blind Flange

  • Socket Welding Flange

  • Flat Face

  • Raised Face

  • RTJ Face Flange

The Indusroof is offering up to a 50% discount on flanges. You can make your order on the online store or request a quote. 

Power Tools

To aid and assist the man-force on the field and to make the hard sweating work easier and efficient the power tools are widely used by mechanics, engineers, on-ground workers. 

The most important thing is the mechanism and power source that’s required for the operations. We provide standard power tools that are durable and long-lasting capable of giving you desired outcome. 

The most important power tool products for the industry are,

  • Drill Machine

  • Breakers

  • Grinder Machines

  • Cutting Machines

  • Wall Chasers

  • Marble Cutter

  • Accessories

The power tools are now becoming smart tools and are in high demand for all sorts of industries. Insusroof is offering up to a 50% discount on power tools, don’t miss the power opportunity. 


The valve is one of the most used devices to regulate, direct or control the flow of liquid as well as gas. It is widely used in industries as well as households. 

The valves can be used in irrigation, industrial controlling processes, automation systems, residences, and many more sectors. There is no exaggeration in saying that valves are used in every industry. 

The different types of valves available are, 

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Indusroof is providing all range of Industrial goods and supplies of top-of-the-range quality at the best price with timely delivery and an easy return policy in case of any manufacturing defect.